Thursday, 21 February 2013

Rainbow Bandwagon: I'm still on it!

Rainbow Birthday

Awww what d'ya mean it's Friday Eve already?!?! Where is my half term break disappearing to?!

Well even though this week is zooming by amazingly fast, nothing stops this gal from knuckling down to a new CASE Study. Today's card is inspired by this cool card of Teri Anderson's.

 Check out the original post of this card here.

I think you can probably tell that I was inspired by Teri's use of stripes for my own card. And I know that the rainbow trend was a bandwagon that has probably long gone, but it's a trend that will stick with me for a while methinks!
tips and tricks
  • Trust me, you need a good guillotine to cut strips of cardstock accurately. I would be lost without my Tonic Guillotine -it cuts through the thickest of cardstock like a hot knife through butter. And no, I'm not paid to promote Tonic Studios - just a happy customer here! :)
  • If you're *so* over the rainbow trend, why not try this using different colours strips of cardstock for the design?
  • Simply remove the bow/ribbon treatment from the card to give it a more graphic feel.
Be sure to check out what the rest of the super duper CASE Study DT created for your viewing pleasure too of course. It'll get your mojo tickin' - I promise.

Amy Wanford (That's me!)
Andrea Ewen
Christina MacLaren  

Clare Buswell  
Debby Hughes  
Iwona Palamountain (Chupa)
Jean Martin 

Jeanna Jachna  
Maureen Plut

Sylvia Blum (Guest DT)
Teneale Williams

Teri Anderson (February's Muse)  

And as always, we'd love it if you could be inspired by Teri's card too and join in the fun! :)

Well my week off half term is nearly over and I've still got a super long list of things I'd like to do. It's a shame that my list of things I need to do is much longer! Ha!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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Pamela said...

Rainbows are never out :) And I just LOVE the way you tie your ribbons!

Lea L. said...

RAINBOWS!!!! {I love them too...can you tell?! Tee hee!} Love this!

Unknown said...

I love this so much I can't take it.

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous design, think I need to get on that bandwagon myself judging by your stunning results! xxx

Lynn said...

Love the rainbow!!

Tracey said...

Loving your rainbow card! This is fabulous!

Taheerah said...

Wonderful card Aimes! You can continue using rainbow as long as you want when you keep rocking it like this!!

sandie said...

stunning card Aimes and I was browsing for a new guillotine so thanks for the tip!

Jenny said...

I think the rainbow trend is timeless, especially when cards look this good :0) Love the black ribbon and bow :0)
Jenny x

Caryn said...

Love it! The bold black ribbon is a gorgeous addition!

Maureen said...

this St. Patrick's Day baby will never be "done" with rainbows...that's where the pot of gold is hidden! Gorgeous, Duchess...always in style :)

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Very chic card Aimes. Hope you had a lovely half term and got loads of crafting in!
Hugs, Katie x

cm said...

Hi Aimes - your rainbow card is stunning (and your 'over the rainbow' pun, clever). Although I've not attempted rainbows in any form other than those on patterned paper, your mini tutorial here has me thinking and planning. St. Patrick's Day is on the horizon...
Thank you SO MUCH for your comment on my Warm Thoughts on Wings card. As a novice card-maker, I'm thrilled that someone with your talent and creativity invested time in such a kind, motivating, and confidence-boosting fashion. Yes, I'm still pretty 'simplistic' with my approaches, but each venture is a learning experience gained. Your cards are definitely inspiring!
Warm, butterfly wing thoughts to you!

lostinpaper said...

Stunning cas design! Thanks for the tips, I really like the idea of a guillotine... but I do cherish my fingers (I'm a little clumsy at times lol, maybe I'll have to give it a try.

Paulina said...

Can I say that I'm happy you aren't over your rainbow love? I, for one, LOVE seeing all of your pretty rainbow colored cards- they are so cheery!

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