Sunday 8 March 2009



So I turn on my laptop only to be completely amazed that I have received a Blog Award! Thank you Alex and Kate!!!!!

I'm so honoured!

I'm soooo tempted to blab on with an Oscar-style acceptance speech but I'll keep it brief LOL! I really am inspired by your creative creations and I'd just like to say thanks so much for all of your kind comments in return on my blog, it really does make me smile from ear to ear!

Now I have a slight issue about passing this award on....seeing as I'm new to the blogging world I don't know many people to pass this award to! I'd love to pass it back to both Alex and Kate for their truly encouraging comments - I know it's kinda cheating but I really would love you to receive the award again - you really are lovely gals!
So the people I'm passing this award onto are:

1. Alex
2. Kate
3. Monica
4. Sarah B
5. Steph

I'm planing to post again today but I need the desktop PC rather than my laptop to edit some pics and at the mo my boyfriend is hogging it with little sign of surrendering it...

Hopefully catch you sooner rather than later!



Alex said...

You're very welcome and deserve this award! Thanks Aimes for the blog award back.

Have a good Sunday.

Alex x

Sarah B said...

Thank you so much for teh award, I always appreciate your visits and comments and thank you also for following me, Hugs Sarah B X

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