Thursday 24 September 2009

A Tutorial...


Well the PC has been set up and plugged in so I'm pleased to say that I can now surf blogland at home and hopefully leave comments on your wonderful blogs to let you know I popped by!

As Chris had to focus on the PC, not a single box containing crafting goodies has been unpacked yet but fortunately I managed to get a little crafty before we boxed up and moved out ;D.

Here's a card I made for a past challenge on the PTI Blog that I forgot to post up here (the challenge was to use our favourite colour - mine being green of course!)This card was made with my little (or not so little now as he towers above me) brother's bday in mind - it's another 'couch surprise card'. I was gonna give him my PTI August GSS entry but as it won, I couldn't bare to part with it LOL! I'd had a few request on how I made it so as I was making this one, I figured I'd show you all how easy peasey it is to make! It makes a fab card for just about anyone !

So without further ado, how to make a 'couch surprise card' (apologies for blurry pics and the crafting chaos in the background btw!)

Step 1
Stamp out your couch and colour (I used a circle nestie to stamp inside and promarkers to colour with directly onto Kraft card - I love colouring onto Kraft! I also added some detail with a white gel pen)
Then using a craft knife, cut across the top of the cushions you'd sit on (this is where the money slides out!)
Step 2
Now to make the pocket that will hold the money. I decided to use vellum as it's thinner than PTI cardstock so will slide easily in and out of the slit in the couch.
I figured it's easier to show you the template I created with the measurements written by the side (in centimetres). It's easy if you start with a piece 14cm x 4.25cm and alter to recreate the following pic. After cutting this out, score down the 1cm flaps and across where the narrow strip meets the wide part.

Step 3
Fold the side tabs inwards first, then stick them to the narrow strip. I do it this way so the back of my pocket remains a smooth piece of vellum without any risk of glue or folded tabs making it get stuck!
As you can see on the pic, the tabs are glued inside the pocket rather than wrapped around the outer sides so the back is tab free (gosh I hope that makes sense!) Step 4
I then stamped my cushion onto cardstock and cut a thin piece of card slightly narrower than the cushion. Apply some thin sticky tape to the top of the reverse side of the cushion and attach the card. The reason I apply it to the top of the cushion is so the cushion sits nicely on the sofa and overhangs on the slit in the sofa.
The strip of card is then stuck to my vellum pocket (the card adds more stability for when the pocket is pulled and pushed - vellum will tend to crumple!)After creating the pocket, test it in the sofa to make sure it moves freely and nothing catches!Step 5
Next, prepare the card blank BUT DON'T STICK IT TOGETHER YET (go on, ask me how I know LOL!) You need a card blank and another layer on top - I've picked kraft as a base and New Leaf as the layer here (scrummy!) but you can choose whatever the occasion suits! Plan where you want the sofa to be, and using a pencil, draw around the circle (or whatever shape your sofa is on!) remember you need enough room for the pocket to hide so portrait is the best orientation for this kinda card!Step 6
Using a craft knife, cut a large gap to ensure your pocket will fit nicely behind this layer. Leave enough of a border to stick down your sofa though. I love that I don't have to be too accurate with this and as no-one sees it, it doesn't matter if it's a little messy!
Step 7
Stick the sofa onto the card, threading the pocket through the gap you've just cut out.
Step 8
Decorate the rest of the front panel (I've wrapped coordinating vellum around the bottom half; drawn around the sofa circle with a white gel pen using the nestie it was cut with; cut another circle with the a sentiment on and added some yummy enchanted evening ribbon) Then add plenty of 3-D foam around the edges of the card, though not in the middle as this will prevent your pocket from working!

Step 9
Put your treat into the pocket (I went with a £10 note but it depends on just how generous you're feeling ;D) and place the pocket back into the sofa.
Then attach the layer to your base card

Step 10

Ta Dah! Couch surprise card complete!

Card with sliding tab down...
...pillow picked up to find a nice treat down the back of the sofa!
Card Recipe
(All PTI Unless Stated)
Stamps: On My Couch, Star Prints
Ink: Memento Black, Fresh Snow
Cardstock: Kraft (from stash), New Leaf, Enchanted Evening, Pure Poppy
Accessories: Enchanted Evening Satin Ribbon, Cuttlebug, Nestabilities, Promarkers, Vellum (from Stash) and a £10 note LOL!

So there ya go - a couch surprise card in 10 easy step! This card totally justifies the purchase of the On My Couch stamp set for me, I did wonder if I'd ever use it but I ADORE it!

I hope somebody found my tutorial kinda interesting or useful....obviously you can alter some of the dimensions for your own requirements! If you do have a go I'd love to see the results!

Oh and btw, my brother (Dan) liked his card (well the money in it anyways!) and even offered to give it me back as he thought I'd given him my winning GSS entry - bless! I soon corrected him though; that special card takes pride of place in a box somewhere at the moment LOL!

Thanks soooooooo much for stopping by and not totally giving up on my blog with it's lack of posts!

Catch ya later!

Monday 21 September 2009

Complete Chaos...

Hello...? Anyone still visiting here...?

Do you remember little ol' me...? Y'know that gal that makes cards and has an unhealthy obsession with PTI products...!? LOL!

Sooooooooooooo sorry that I'm still stuck in the chaos of moving, we're at the unpacking stage now so hopefully not too long until I have my crafting stash on hand to keep me sane - my fingers have been itching to stamp for so long!

Although I've not been crafting and uploading I have been visiting all your wonderful blogs using work computers (which is totally allowed after working hours btw!) whilst the computer at home remains unpacked. Work computers let me admire your creations but won't let me comment so I can assure you I've visited your blog if you think I haven't, hopefully I'll be able to comment again soon when the PC is set up at home.

Today, a new challenge on the PTI blog has given me the perfect chance to go rooting through boxes to find some PTI stash to play with! Just to prove how much of a task it was to root out my PTI stash amongst the chaos I'm living in, I took a few pics of it for a giggle ...
This isn't all my crafting stash - honest! Chris contributes his fair share of musical instruments which are far more bulkier than my CD Cased PTI stamp sets LOL!
My work-in-progress, floor-to-ceiling, craft stash cupboard...this is just one door but I've got 3 to try and cram my stuff into! Those white drawers are a fab purchase from Ikea - they hold lots of PTI cardstock, plenty of room to expand as I've only filled one drawer so far ;D
OK so this is my stuff that has to somehow fit in the other cupboards...might have to get my thinking cap on for that logistical nightmare LOL!

So I hope you can appreciate how dangerous it was to retrieve a small handful of PTI avalanche of boxes and I'd be a gonna! LOL!

Anyways I digress, back to the PTI challenge ...the new challenge is to make a birthday card (easy peasey hey?) but my personal challenge was to come up with something I was happy with using only one stamp set, some off cuts of PTI dp and a selection of inks as this was all I could safely get my hands on!
To make matters even more complicated - we have no PC set up to surf on and no wireless broadband yet so I'm on a tiny laptop with a 3G stick in and unable to edit my pics on Picnik as Linux on the laptop won't allow it so you can see my awful photography skills in full glory LOL! Gosh I didn't realise how much I relied on technology!!!

Anyways the deets for this card are on the PTI blog. I'd really love it if you popped across to the PTI blog and checked out the challenge and would love it more if you played along - there's a chance to win some PTI goodies for one lucky entry within Europe (Worldwide entries are welcome for fun too of course!)

Lastly, before I love ya and leave ya, I've been nominated for a blog award! Thanks to Dawn for nominating me - cheers hun! Please go and check out Dawn's blog if you haven't already, she has some amazing creations and is well on her way to becoming a fully fledged PTI addict too ;DI have to reveal 5 things that I'm addicted to for this blog award so here goes...

1. Cardmaking (well it goes without saying really!)
2. Papertrey Ink (thanks to both Kate and Steph, my bank manager and I have a deteriorating relationship now ;D)
3. Chocolate (I like it in all forms; frozen, melted, liquid - so long as it's chocolatey, it hits the spot!)
4. Shoes - I own way too many pairs and have a problem walking past the shoe shop Office without popping in to just see what's in stock....
5. Music - I can't go a day without listening to my music! I love all forms - it's my kinda therapy for everything in life!

Now I'll pass this award on when I have slightly more time on my hands I promise! Just gotta tackle another box to unpack before I hit the sack for tonight so I hope to catch up with y'all soon....

Catch ya later!


Monday 7 September 2009

A last min dash!


Just a real quickie this time as life is beyond chaotic at my end! We're still in the process of moving and now work has started for me (first day of school went fine - well with no students it's pretty much bound to LOL!) along with visiting relations for various occasions it's just manic!

Anyways enough excuses! I have another card for the current and very nearly ending Raspberry Suites Color Challenge!Although these colours screamed autumn to me, I also though they'd look great for a masculine card. As one was required for Chris' brother last weekend, I got busy!I'm definitely happier with this entry for the challenge than my earlier attempt! Apologies for the poor pic, still using Chris' camera and still not getting the gist of it! LOL!

The scalloped border was created by cutting a strip of dp and placing my circle nestability in the centre, drawing a faint line two little squares high and repeating. I really need to get the border punch for this but for now, this will do!

Card Recipe

All PTI Unless Stated
Stamps: Star Prints
Ink: Dark Chocolate
Card: Kraft/Summer Sunrise Bitty Box Basics
Other: Cuttlebug, Square Nestability, Dark Chocolate Twill Ribbon, Rustic Wood Button, Rustic Twine

I think Phil (Chris' Brother) liked it, although he did place it on the sideboard the wrong way up - it actually looked kinda cool portrait and I didn't have the heart to tell him it was s'posed to be landscape, though Chris promptly told him anyways - brothers eh?!

Well I hope to be in touch at some point soon with some new creations - in the meantime why not check out the A Passion For Papertrey Blog? We've a new challenge and I've uploaded a new card as my example - I'd love it if you could stop by!

As for now, I'm off to down my tea, pack my school bag for tomorrow and attempt to build a flat packed desk - wish me luck, I have a feeling I'll need it! LOL!

Catch ya later!

Friday 4 September 2009

Two Birds, One Stone...


Happy Friday! I'm sure some of you are thinking TGI Friday but I'll be much more excited next Friday when I'll have been back at work a week and will definitely be grateful for a couple of days off!

I'm still managing to craft amongst the chaos of moving, though I really need to start having a proper sort out with my goodies. I've found some things in the depths of my stash that made me blush with embarrassment! I mean seriously, when did I ever need so many eyelets or skeleton leaves!? LOL!

Chris is becoming my best customer for my creations by far - I swear it's the only reason he allows me to go rooting through boxes for crafty bits creating yet more chaos! He's requested (with a reasonable deadline for once!) yet another two cards for his family. Firstly for his Aunt's 60th and secondly for his brother, Phil's birthday (yup, cue yet ANOTHER masculine card! I'll be the queen of 'em soon!)

I needed a kick to get my mojo into gear and really wanted to play along with the current Raspberry Suites Color Challenge as the colours seemed a really interesting mix:
These colours scream autumn to me, but seeing as I have no autumn themed stamps I had to think of something different!

Now the title of this post is due to the fact that I combined this challenge with the recent (and very nearly ending) Get Sketchy Sketch:

Finally, here's the card:
I didn't wanna stick a HUGE 60 on his Aunty's card. Although my Mum was excited about turning 60 (I can travel the country for FREE on my bus pass, Aimes!) I'm not convinced everyone else shares the same enthusiasm!

I have to confess I'm still not overly pleased with this card...I just wish I'd made that flourish more subtle (maybe stamped on scrap first and then the card) and the sentiment bolder. Well, it's staying as it is because I made the schoolgal error of stamping all the above on when the card had been stuck together - D'oh! You know what it's like when you sit staring at a card thinking, Hmmm...something's missing...and you try to fix it but fear you've only made it worse LOL!

Card Recipe

All PTI Goodies
Remember, Fancy Flourishes, Damask Designs
Ink: Summer Sunrise, Dark Chocolate
Card: Kraft, Vintage Cream, Dark Chocolate, Summer Sunrise (Bitty Dot Basics)
Accessories: Cuttlebug, Oval Nestabilities, Dark Chocolate Twill Ribbon, Martha Stewart Border Punch, White Gel Pen

For my second card I actually decided to stick with the colour combo of the RSCC and took some design tips on board from my current Papertrey Ink Newsletter (you can sign up to receive it here! I'd recommend it as it contains some AMAZING ideas! If you want a copy of the recent one with the design tips just let me know!) Though I'm going to share that with you later as my camera batteries have died! I took the pics for this post with Chris' super duper camera - it has more buttons than I have pairs of shoes! I just wanted to take a simple pic but it just won't let me - technology eh?!

Hope y'all have a super weekend! Mine involves meeting up with my girly colleagues for a catch up gossip before work, visiting my nieces and nephews, more building of flat pack furniture, a visit to Chris' family for his brother's birthday and in between this, preparing for my first day back at school - eeek!

Thanks sooooooooo much for stopping by!

Catch ya later!

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Catching up....


Sorry I've been M.I.A recently, it's been a really busy Bank Holiday here! Building flat pack furniture, trying to be a domestic goddess and trying to visit friends and family proved to be very chaotic - that's not to say that I had a good drink, giggle and boogie though ;D Still gotta go to work next Monday though after my disappointing night at the dogs...I became a jinx on every dog I thought would win!

So I've finally found a spare moment to check out what's happenin' in Blogland to be pleasantly surprised - not only by all the wonderful comments but I've also been nominated for three blog awards!

Firstly Maureen nominated me for these awards:

Thanks so much Maureen! Please go and check out Maureen's blog - it's full of the most gorgeous cards (some with lots of PTI goodies on too - delicious!)

Secondly Caryn has nominated me for this award:Thanks so much Hun, and again if you haven't already please check out Caryn's awesome creations. Her Promarker skills have me green with envy as well as drooling! LOL!

The deal is that I have to reveal 7 facts about myself for the awards from Maureen, and 5 for the award from Caryn so I'm gonna cheat by combining them! I honestly don't think I can think of 7 interesting things about myself, let alone 12! I hope you ladies (and gents if there's any?!) don't mind!

So here we go, 7 'interesting' facts about little me:

1. My favourite sound is the sound of feet walking in deep powdery snow (y'know that kind crunch sound - makes me weak at the knees!)
2. I have a very weak spot for Colin Firth...we play the Bridget Jones game at work all the time - Hugh Grant or Colin Firth from the film if you had to pick? Colin every time for me!
3. I have a man's brain! I have a good sense of spatial awareness and direction - maps don't bother me in the slightest (good job because Chris has a girl's brain and can't find his way out of a paper bag LOL!)
4. I really can't cook tasty meals - though I try I find it so much effort and I tend to create a tip with piles of washing up for a meal that tastes just OK...
5. I love to sing out loud in my car (I'm tone deaf btw) - doesn't even matter if I don't know the words, I'll improvise! Only gets embarrassing when I'm at a red light - good job I've no hairbrush nearby or it'd be hands off the steering wheel! LOL!
6. I'm late for nearly everything - even the hairdressers that is literally opposite our apartment! I try to hard to plan but get sidetracked VERY easily!
7. I hate having to make decisions! To the point where I have to ask someone else to make if for me. I would much rather have my cake and eat it!

Well that's about the 7 most random facts I can think of that I haven't already mentioned for previous blog awards so I hope you'll still come back and visit me...LOL!

Now to nominate people myself to receive these awards (yup all 3!) I've tried really hard to nominate blogs that haven't got these awards so apologies if you already have them!


And if you don't want them...don't feel bad I won't be offended! Now if it was chocolate you were refusing on the other hand....Nah! Only kidding - I'd scoff it myself! LOL!

And you didn't think I wouldn't upload a card would you?
Now I know you're thinking, geez how CAS can a card be exactly?! But again this was a last minute dash to craft as it had to be posted as soon as it was made. Yup, Chris again tells Aimes he needs a card for his parents the day it has to be posted!

One thing I do like about this card is the way my Nestability embossed the square frame so nicely.
I regret adding that strip of metallic card though (it was a scrap from this card) but I was thinking of recycling and I do love to use up scraps (it totally justifies me keeping them!)

Card Recipe
Stamps: PTI Damask Designs
Ink: Stazon Teal Blue, Versamark (for that strip of card)
Card: Card Blank (from stash), Magic Card
Accessories: Cuttlebug, Nestabilities, Detail Clear EP

Well I'm off again but I assure you I have more to post, including a tutorial for my winning couch card for PTI's August Guest Star Stamper Contest so watch this space.....

Catch ya later!


P.S Edited to add the film that Chris chose for Friday night's outing was The Ugly Truth - what a girl eh? Sure he picked it to please me and we both thought it was a fab, funny, film - recommend it for a giggle! x


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