Tuesday 14 May 2013

Gettin' sweet...and weird!

Weird Love

Happy Tuesday! It's a particularly 'sweet' Tuesday here on the blogeroo as I'm hopping on board this month as a guest designer for Sweet Stamp Shop!

Today is release day and three super sets have been released. I was sent two of them to play with: Eye Love and Weird Love.

The card above features some weird love. Never thought I'd type/say that here....ha! But fear not, this is no weird set, but a sweet (what else?) mini-set featuring a lovely sentiment that pretty much sums up how I feel about my fiance and I: we're both a little weird...and I can't quite believe our luck that we found each other and fit together so perfectly (altogether now: awwwww!) The heart is stamped from the set 'Eye Love' and is covered in a good dollop of Glossy Accents.

So enough weird love, how about some eye love? Yup, the name kinda sums up the set: love with a focus on some items you may just find at the opticitans. However I went for something a little more....geeky! :)

Ion U

The set has this oval shape and as soon as I saw it I thought 'atom'! Then I got thinking 'ion'! And this led to the pun 'ion U' as in, 'I've got my eye on you...' I just stamped and rotated the oval to create the atom shape, adding red dots with a marker and stamping the 'U' from the set in the centre.

Now as I understand it, an atom can be an ion, but not all ions are atoms. I didn't have time to hit the science textbooks to research it! So my escape from any geek design faux pas I may have unintentionally created, was to stamp the inside with another sentiment from the same stamp set.


Now if you subscribe to this being a mini card with an atom, it'll read U....genius. And if you subscribe to it being an ion then the card will read 'ion U...genius'! It's win/win in my book! :)

That's all from me today! I'll be back later on in the month with a couple more projects to share featuring these sets, but for now be sure pop across to the Sweet Stamp Shop blog for more inspiration!

Thanks so much for stopping by here today! Wishing you all a 'sweet' Tuesday!


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Lynn said...

The sentiment on the first one cracks me up and it is true...I've found my weird match. And your second one...it FABULOUS! I wish I had an ounce of your creativity!

Lea L. said...

These are cute! I love that sentiment!!

Pink Room Therapy Designs said...

Love your CAS cards -- the little red heart is the perfect pop of color on the first card!

Samantha Mann said...

oh my gosh!! so cool!! i think your cards are completely awesome and totally trendy and hip!! you have totally made unique cards and i just love them! wow!

Jenny said...

Weird.. Genius..! whatever!!.... these cards are brilliant... clever girl to use the oval that way :0)
Jenny x

Anitaw/anL said...

love the creation with the weird set. Very clean, simple, and impactful
Thanks for sharing

kateri said...

I love your weirdness AND I love that stamp. I like stamps with a sense of humour. All of your stamps are so creative. Great job. I would like to know where you got the chevron paper. It is so striking. My email is: auntkit@comcast.net
if you feel like sharing where you got the paper. Thanks!

kateri said...

Well, that's weird! I typed a post and it disappeared. Sigh. I will try to repeat my first post: I love your weirdness and all of your creations. Superb job. Where did you get the chevron paper? I love it. It adds so much to your design. My email is: auntkit@comcast.net if you feel like sharing where you got it. Have an awesome day!

Chunyuan said...

You are Genius!

Joyce said...

These are both super sweet. I am so happy that you found your true love, too.

Mama Picture This said...

Super cute ideas. I've been working on some new ideas of my own today but not cards... signs. Keep up the creativity!

Message Keeper said...

Brilliant cards! The design is amazing!

Katie Berberich Handmade said...

Gorgeous cards Aimes, love the wierd set! Lol
Katie x

Lyndal said...

GENIUS indeed - two perfectly CAS creations Aimes - LOVE them both!

~amy~ said...


Taheerah said...

Love both of these so much Aimes! That sentiment stamp is probably going to end up living with me! But the second one - you know how this speaks to my geeky heart!!

You are indeed correct about atoms and ions - all atoms can be ions but not all ions are atoms. What you've stamped looks to be an ion to me - as if not there would only be two red dots circling. If you really want I can give you the scientific explanation, lol! But I think I'll just praise how awesome it looks instead! ;D

Els said...

I love your cards! They both make me smile :)

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