Sunday 28 June 2009

What A Week!


Phew! It's been a while since I've managed to visit blogland so firstly, apologies if I haven't popped by your own blog and commented this week!

It's been a pretty hectic week for me, not only the excitement of Wimbledon (Don't ya think Murray is doing well btw! Wobbly first game, but he's certainly on form now!) but I've also managed to crash my car! Nothing serious, don't panic!!! Lets just say that the symptoms of hay-fever (i.e sneezing), combined with driving, can end in quite a pickle!

So off starts the awful task of getting my insurance sorted and waiting for phone calls and having NO CAR! Living 25miles from my work has meant staying over at my folks' place. As much as they love me (I'm pretty sure they do!) I think I'm becoming a little bit of a burden and with no internet access I've been itching to visit all your wonderful blogs for sooooooo long! Anways my wonderful bf has trusted me *GULP* and put me on his car insurance so I'm now mobile again with internet access - hurrah!

So as you can probably imagine, my creative mojo has gone out of the window along with my car :o( but I do have one thing to share with you today!

I made a bookmark for my Dad for fathers' day - he loved it. (Along with the huge box of jelly babies!) He ended up getting 3 boxes of jelly babies in total (2 of my 3 brothers must have been thinking along the same lines as me LOL!) so I'm glad I made the bookmark too!
It was kinda hard to photograph as it was transparent!It was kinda easy to make. Started with a piece of acetate and with spray adhesive, adhered some skeleton leaves. On the other side I adhered the letters (My Dad's nickname is Bomber. I think it's a reference to his cricketing days - even his grandkids call him Granddad Bomber!). Trimmed the skeleton leaves around the outside of the acetate and placed in a laminator. Finished it off by setting an eyelet and threading some ribbon.

Sorry I don't have anything else to show you yet, I hope I'll be able to get creative this week now I'm back at home! Though it'll have to be pencilled in around Wimbledon of course!

Right then, I'm off to catch up on all that I've missed this week here in blogland!

Catch ya later!



Sarah B said...

Love this creation, Thanks for your lovely comments, I'm sooooo ready for the holidays, and being able to catch up with everyone, Hugs Sarah B X

Emma said...

Awh Aimes what a crazy week for you. Glad your home safe and sound now though. What a gorgeous bookmark, I love that it's transparent - very cool.

Thanks for all your lovely comments while I've been away too -I really do cherish them x

Ann said...

OMG, hope everything works out with your car! Bummer! :(

Your bookmark is awesome--love those skeleton leaves!

Alex said...

Good to see you blogging :) Sorry to hear about your car, hopefully it'll get fixed soon and not be too costly for you!

Love the bookmark, don't you just love the laminator :) Great job, I'm sure your dad loved it.

Have a good week.

Alex x

Stephanie said...

You poor thing! main thing is that you're ok :) Glad to have you back sweetie xxx
p.s. love the bookmark!

Alison said...

Bad luck with the car luv! What a trying week with that, the sweaty teenagers and the heat!

Fab bookmark - what a brill idea. 'Bomber' reminds me of the old series 'Auf Wiedersehn, Pet', he was a character in it ( you're probably too young to remember that tho!)
Hope the car's mended soon.

debbi taylor said...

Glad things are improving for you - love the bookmark - it must be the time for things going wrong!! x

Nicci said...

Wow, that bookmark is so effective and very clever! x

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